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Welcome to CoolSites.

We have a wealth of experience in digital projects, creative design and branding, servicing a broad range of clients in many market sectors - corporate, consumer, arts and not-for-profit.

We specialize in the digital marketing sector working on projects with a blend of digital branding, web production, SEO and social media, many of which also required allied print material.

We offer a module based website platform which gives us the flexibility to build, maintain and expand websites in a cost effective way whilst maintaining top quality design, production and customer service

I need full design package - logo, website, print and display.

We love design.  So if you need a full branding package we can create your website and design everything from Facebook headers to business cards, brochures and exhibition display panels.



What about Social Media and Google - I need them as well - not just a website

Sometimes a website is just the start of the journey.  CoolSites websites are all Google friendly and we have a great track record of Google optimisation. And if you need your social media platforms sorting, then shout out and we'll set you up and get you posting!

 Alberti Pavimenti

I'm working to a pretty tight budget and I'm worried about costs escalating

We hate that too - so we have a clear costing policy.  £20 per month subscription with a range of fixed cost setup options.  So you choose the option - and we stick to the price.

 Hills Bakery

I want an easy way to sell my pottery online

Whether its a simple craft sopt or an online catalogue of 2000 products, Coolsites gets you trading online. Our shop designs offer all the features you need for a simple online shop and for more complex requirements our designers and coders work their magic to deliver a bespoke online sales solution.

 Blu Beau

I know nothing about technology - but I need a good website

You can still have a great website even if you have no interest in how it is put together.  Dont worry - CoolSites have the tech knowledge! So let us set it all up for you - and even handle ongoing updates if thats what you want.


 Barry White

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Make your ideas come alive

Take a look at how we have helped some of our clients and then contact us to find out how we can help you.

Or to get the ball rolling, call us on 0161 273 4000 or email through the Contact Page.

Any Questions ?

Please free to call or email with any questions on our services or if you would like to see any examples of our work which are close to your requirements.

To get the ball rolling, call us on 0161 273 4000 or email through the Contact Page.