How It all works

We've set up the CoolSites platform to give you a easy way to get online with the flexibility to give you all the options you need.

Self Service is the theme based approach where you choose the design you like and the add-ons which suit you.

To make it simple have created three key options;
Self Service, Setup Plus and Full Design

Happy to get on with it ?

Then Self Service is for you!
If you are happy to get on with it then simply choose a design style and the site wizard will setup your account, take payment details and register a domain name for your site ( or add your existing domain ).  The site wizard then sets up a skeleton site for you and takes you to the admin Dashboard, where you have all the tools you need to upload text, images and create new pages.

We’re on hand to answer any questions or help with any bolt on services you may like.

Costs:  Setup £0.00  Subscription £20 per month


I need some help getting started?

Setup Plus is one of our most popular options. 
We do all the work then hand it over to you for you to run in the future!

We set up the key pages, upload your text and your images.  If you are struggling for photos we can supply stock images. Once that is all done and you're happy with the site we give you login access to the admin Dashboard and talk you through how to manage the site going forward.

Of course you're not just cast adrift then - if you find you need help in the future we are only a phone call away.

Costs:  Setup £350.00  Subscription £20 per month


I want it all set up for me

Then you need the Full Design option
CoolSites takes care of the whole design process. We talk to you about what you want to achieve from your site, then our website designers get to work.

We write the text and we provide the images and once these are in place we send you a link to the test site, take on board any comments you have and work through these to give you a website to be proud of.

Once that is all done we give you Admin login and you can take control, if that’s what you want, or we can have a chat about how we can manage the site for you on a long term basis.  Its all very flexible.

Costs:  Setup £600.00  Subscription £20 per month

 coolsites full service

What is included in the cost?

The CoolSites subscription covers all hosting fees, your own domain name and a full email account.  We don't tie you into any long term contract, its a simple monthly rolling agreement.

We are here to support you in the long term, so once your site is up and running we will be in touch twice a year to see how you find the site is working for you and help you with any changes or add-ons you might like.


The next step

Choose how much support you need.

Create an account

Choose a design theme

Get started

You can be online in an hour if you are in a screaming rush - or you can take your time – its your choice.  And we are here to give you the support you need whatever your goals and timeframe.


To sign up click here.  To see the design options click here.


Make your ideas come alive

If you have any questions or just want to chat through options, please call us on 0161 273 4000 or send us a message through the form and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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