Full support to get online

Choose one of these designs and you can be online today. The designs are set up by our system ready for you to add your text and photos. All the sites are lovingly hand crafted and as good as any you can find in the internet at a fraction of the cost of commissioning a site from scratch. CoolSites websites offer you full flexibility too. If you need a basic site now but plan to expand, we have all the options. Our bigger publishing sites host hundreds of pages and our product sites have full shopping carts. So you can easily start a basic site today and expand it as your needs change.

We give you full support to get online with help on hand to explain how to make the best use of all the features available to give you the very best online presence. 

Branded Sites

These designs are great for a site with a specific theme or brand. They usually need us to do some manual uploads to set these up, so they take a day or so to get online.  


These are sites at concept stage and would take a week to get ready for production. Get in touch is you'd like one of these designs.