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The Standard Package

The standard deal

CoolSites Subscription £20.00/Month

This covers you for the basic site use on a monthly basis. All standard 5 page site designs and an exclusive email - - are included in this cost!

Standard Setup £0.00

Choose from one of our great designs and a full skeleton site is set up ready for you to edit headings, paste in text and upload your images

Setup Plus £350.00

For those who want more help we offer Setup Plus where we take onboard all the key setup tasks - we'll set up your pages, upload your text and source some key images for the site

Branded £600.00

We take one of our existing designs and tailor colours, menus, rollovers and so on - to give you that individual touch. We'll take a look the text you need, the photos or illustrations for the site and hand over a finished site.

Bespoke Design £100.00

This for an initial deposit. Our bespoke options are all tailor made so they are all costed on an individual basis.

Setup Options

These are one off costs

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Design a site for you£500.00

If you cannot spot a design you like, we will design a new one for you after a phone conversation where you give us a full brief.

Let us write your text for you.£100.00

Know what you want to say but don’t know how to say it? Let our team of professional copywriters write all of your websites text content.

Facebook & Twitter accounts setup£65.00

We will set up branded pages to give you a comprehensive design. Taking care of your profile picture, cover photo and all the account formalities.

Google Setup£50.00

We will set up a Google account that tracks site visits and adds the best tags to your site so Google starts to pickup your website pages.

Photo library access£50.00

Unlimited access to our extensive library of quality images if you are lacking your own, or just need some extra.

Monthly Options

These are charged each month

Add any of these options to your standard set up

Add a shopping cart£0.00/Month

Add a shopping cart to your product site and thus, enable your website to take payment from customers.

Full SEO package£200.00/Month

Getting seen on Google is critical, we can help you climb the Google search rankings. It takes time, but we get results! (Including Yahoo/Bing)

Full social media service£100.00/Month

We will manage all your social media needs; including sending daily tweets and Facebook updates. (Includes Twitter/Facebook feeds - price included)

One off Costs£

  • Standard Setup 0.00

One off Total 00.00

Monthly Costs £

  • CoolSites Subscription 20.00

Monthly Total 00.00

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