Great Websites : Made Easy

The CoolSites platform starts simple but offers all the upgrade options you could possibly need. Its core principle is that it should allow anyone who is comfortable with a computer to set up a full site. And for those less confident we offer a range of support options to make sure you get a website to be proud of.


Sign up made simple

The key three options range in price from £100 to £600 and for customers with specific requirements we can create bespoke site with whatever features you need.

Manage it yourself

With our Standard option you choose from one of our great designs and a full skeleton site is set up ready for you to edit headings, paste in text and upload your images.

Setup for you

For those who want more help we offer a Setup Plus service where we'll set up all pages for you, input your text and source key images and give you the support you need to get online.

Fully Branded

Our Full Service takes a standard design and tailors it specifically for you with a creative makeover to give the website the look and feel that you require. We create the graphics, write the copy, source the images and supply a branded website you can be proud of.


Our sites are designed to be user friendly, so even the least technically skilled person can do it. We've made it simple - but it still has all the options that the biggest sites need.

1. Create an account

We need your details of course!

2. Select your options

Add some of our many options to enhance and personalise your site. Some are one-off costs, some are monthly add-ons.

3. Choose your site design

Create your very own favourites shortlist whilst browsing. If you need something really specific, choose our Tailored option

4. Domain name

Thought of the web address you want? It'll be registered as part of the sign up fee. If you've already got one, that's fine - you can use it with CoolSites.

5. Site content

Add your text and images and update them at ease, anytime.

Click Go Live and you are now online.