Great sites at Great Prices

A top quality website for £19.50 per month + setup

CoolSites is the simplest way to get you and your business online. It takes no more than 1 hour to set up a basic website and it’s so easy, your Granny could do it! We’ve broken it down into 5 easy steps and we’ll walk you through the setup. We could even do that for you.
Not only is it a piece of cake to setup, it is also easy to edit and highly accessible, just log in to edit or upload any text or photos on your site, at any time. Simple.
Once you get started, that's just the beginning. Continue to expand your website, adding unlimited pages and content. The sky’s the limit, for you and your new website.

We are low on cost, but high on standard

Be online for just £19.50/month, with a £99 setup fee, which includes your domain name registration and an account email being set up for your domain name. Straight forward, right? We like that.

Super-fast and super-simple setup

We weren’t joking when we said your Granny could do it. We deliver a step by step guide of not just setting up, but on how to manage your websites content within the sites structured framework. Not simple enough? Help is available, although we are sure you won’t need us. Just click on a help icon or pop a quick email off to one of our local techies if you’re stuck. We’ll reply within 24 hours!

Accessibility as standard

A quick login allows you to access all content on your site in a manageable and effortless way, from any computer, with our easy to use content management system. Text and image editing just one click at a time. Also, your account email - - will automatically redirect any emails to your personal account that was used to register with CoolSites, to keep all of your emails in one accessible place.

Variety is a virtue

We understand that need to stand out and with our diverse array of web designs, it’s a given. Look through our lists of web designs and choose your perfect match. Can’t see anything you like? We find that hard to believe. We can always tweak one of our existing designs or design you a completely new one for that bespoke website look. How about that?

This is just the beginning

If you plan to expand, we have all the options. Continue to build your website and watch it grow. Want more pages and content? Sure, go ahead. Our bigger publishing sites host hundreds of pages. CoolSites is constantly growing and evolving to keep us ahead of the game.