Great sites at Great Prices

A top quality website for £19.50 per month + setup

Looking for a website? We can offer you some great solutions. We've been producing great commercial websites for over 10 years, and we are now offering that same great design and production service at a fraction of the cost.  We offer a collection of carefully crafted, great looking websites that we offer at a fixed cost of £19.99 a month with a £99 setup.

Flexible and scalable

CoolSites are with you for the long term  - and so all our sites have upgrade paths so they can expand as you do!  Lots of people want to start with a simple 4 or 5 page website, but what happens when that’s not enough? Well with CoolSites you can add on a whole host of bolt-on options, or even switch design styles if you want to refresh your look.  Our three main options are:


Choose from our great selection of designs and you can be up and running in no time at all.  We’ve made it a streamlined process to register your domain, set up your skeleton site and get you online in an hour.


If you can’t see the exact shade of lime green that’s for you don’t worry – we can take one of our exiting designs and tailor colours, menus, rollovers and so on – to give you that individual touch.


We understand that some websites are mission critical.  We can create the spec you need and the Branding to go with it.  Full creative design service wil all the bells and whistles. Contact us for details.

With CoolSites, you are in control

All our sites are powered by our very own Content Management System which means you can log in and edit text, upload photos and create new pages whenever you want - all within the price.  It’s the same system which powers our bigger publishing sites which host hundreds of pages and our product sites have full shopping carts so its both reliable and flexible.

So you can easily start a basic site today and expand it next week...

Great sites delivered in a simple, affordable format!  So simple you can have your site up and running in less than an hour!