build your own website

build your own website
Do you have a business but you’re not online? Not sure how to or waiting for the perfect site? CoolSites have quality startup websites for you to finally take your business to the next level. Our standard starter websites from Manchester begin with 5 pages. Their simplicity makes starting out less daunting to even the least technically skilled individual. Our website boasts a step by step guide and help pages to signing up and setting up, as if it wasn’t simple enough already!


The best thing about our Manchester startup websites comes in the future. 5 pages is okay to begin with, but sooner or later you will probably want your website to expand. At CoolSites you don’t have to drop your current website to upgrade to a bigger one, thus starting out all over again, you just add pages and subpages to your existing website. Your website content is limitless with the influx of new web pages you have added. Just click ‘Add Page’ anytime. It really is that easy!


If you are a beginner when it comes to websites, CoolSites will be there to help you out along the way, doing all of the complicated work for you. If you are experienced on websites, you’ll appreciate the sites easy navigation and the uncomplicated content management system which is identical across every startup website design that we have. Starting up a website is a daunting task made easy by the innovative startup process devised by CoolSites.